Kansas City Chapter No. 28 Officers

  • High Priest: Kelly Mercer
  • King: Adam James
  • Scribe: Donald Brunswick
  • Captain of the Host: Matt Dowd
  • Principle Sojourner: Jeffery Fielder-Bey, PHP
  • Royal Arch Captain: Cameron Smith
  • Master of the 3rd Veil: Kirby Pulliam
  • Master of the 2nd Veil: Bill Snyder, PHP
  • Master of the 1st Veil: Ray Prettyman
  • Chaplain: Richard Riepe, PHP
  • Secretary: Donald MacCormick, PHP
  • Treasurer: Richard Riepe, PHP
  • Sentinel: Brad Fowler, PHP

Kansas City Council No. 45 Officers

  • Illustrious Master: Kevin Shields
  • Deputy Master: Paul Pinckney
  • Principle Conductor of the Work: Kelly Mercer
  • Captain of the Guard: Brad Fowler
  • Conductor of the Council: Adam James
  • Marshall: Charles Conner, PIM
  • Steward: Donald Brunswick
  • Chaplain: Jeffery Fielder-Bey, PIM
  • Recorder: Donald MacCormick, PIM
  • Treasurer: Richard Riepe, PIM
  • Sentinel: Ivory Graham, PIM

Kansas City Commandery No. 10 Officers

  • Commander: Kelly Mercer
  • Generalissimo: Adam James
  • Captain General: Donald Brunswick
  • Senior Warden: Cameron Smith
  • Junior Warden: Bill Snyder, PC
  • Warder: Brad Fowler, PC
  • Prelate: Malcolm Fishback, PC
  • Recorder: Donald MacCormick, PC
  • Treasurer: Richard Riepe, PC
  • Standard Bearer:
  • Sword Bearer: Ray Prettyman
  • Sentinel: Danny Smothers, PC

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